Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss


Everyone has an area of the body that they find problematic with the majority of the population, both male and female, wishing to change their body in one way or another if they could.


This is natural and very common, especially with the amount of body shaming that occurs in the media which we are all receptive of, knowingly or not, on a daily basis. Combined this with the fact that we are constantly surrounded by food and it is very difficult to maintain enough will power not to give in to a tasty treat.


An enormous percentage of the British public would choose to lose weight if they could, with a large proportion of these having tried fad diet after fad diet. But what if you were to discover that there was a weight loss method that was actually effective, obtainable and safe?

Food and Dieting

When anyone is asked about their diet, there are certain topics of contention that crop up frequently which cause problems and can be to the detriment of the dieter. These can commonly include:
  • Having issues with particular foods, such as dislikes, requirements, intolerances, and allergies;
  • Everyone has a weakness whether it is sweets, chocolate, crisps;
  • There are common times of day that prove harder to eat healthier food items than others, like weeknights after a long day at work in front of the television, for example.

Changing eating patterns

Changing the way in which we eat can be incredibly difficult. It’s not only the types of food we eat but also refers to the calorific intake and the times of day at which we consume our main meals. Eating patterns are difficult to make changes to because:

  • Your willpower, which is part of your subconscious mind, restricts you and prevents you from making long-term changes;
  • We require the use of the unconscious mind to make new patterns regarding diet stick so that implementation does not fall through, new dietary changes do not fail, and confidence does not take a knock.

Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be hugely beneficial to weight loss and people struggling with issues surrounding weight loss.

As time goes by, hypnotherapy increases in its recognition for being increasingly effective and is now recognised as one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Targets that were once seemingly only a dream are often made a reality through the use of skilled hypnotherapists.

How can Hypnotherapy aid Weight Loss?

Hypnotherapy aids weight loss because it immediately addresses any issues within the subconscious mind. This is the area in which cravings, fears, and phobias all originate. Hypnotherapy delves deep and focuses on the root cause of multiple food-related aspects, like:

  • Overeating;
  • Having no desire to do any physical exercise;
  • Craving specific types of food, like sugar, salt or fat.

Hypnotherapy is able to do this by firstly, making sure that the mind is calm and then making positive suggestions to the restful mind. This information is fully absorbed by the brain. This enables hypnotherapy to completely alter how the mind sees food, which in turn:

  • Helps better decisions to be made about foods;
  • Allows recognition to be made between hungry and craving food;
  • Increase positivity about life;
  • Enables realistic weight loss goals to be set;
  • Makes sure that targets, in relation to diet, cravings, and weight loss are reached.

Why use Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss?

Using hypnotherapy is a great way to address weight issues because it is:
  • Effective;
  • Safe;
  • Increases and maintains motivation levels to participate in physical exercise;
  • Helps weight loss goals to be achieved and maintained;
  • Increases the confidence of the dieter.

How does Hypnotherapy help Weight Decrease?

Hypnotherapy is effective in weight loss and maintenance because it uses multiple different techniques of hypnotic relaxation in order to alter previous behaviours, negative patterns and cut cravings.

Instead, it helps to create healthier patterns, develop positive habits and increase the confidence of the person being hypnotised for weight loss.
If lack of exercise is your biggest issue, hypnotherapy can help you to develop your will, increase your stamina, improve your overall health and begin enjoying exercise. This is not a fad either, the positive new patterns you develop will last.

Hypnotherapy helps you to make permanent changes to your lifestyle, diet and exercise regime, and most importantly, your overall health. Use a hypnotherapist to lose weight and increase your health.

Get in contact today to for your initial consultation, and we can show you how simple hypnotherapy weight loss really is.

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