Hypnotherapy for Smoking


Smoking. An addiction enjoyed by many as a stress release variant. A habit that is difficult to break.

Though the number of smokers in the UK has decreased drastically since smoking was made illegal inside public places in 2007, for the people who haven’t yet quit, the task of doing so seems daunting. People smoke as a stress relief method, a way of calming down, a way to overcome the daily challenges that life throws up. For other people, it is a way to socialise, a mood enhancer, a hunger suppressant.

Taking all of the possible reasons as to why people may smoke into consideration makes it obvious that smoking relates to mental, psychological and emotional factors and takes its root causes from these.

The Negatives of Smoking

As with all described “bad habits,” there are health implications to smoking which are obviously increased as the amount smoked is increased too. The negative implications of smoking, even in the young and seemingly healthy can include:

  • Cancer of the mouth, tongue, lips, lungs, and nose;
  • Bad breath, tooth decay and yellowing of the teeth;
  • The decrease in, or full loss of certain senses, namely taste and smell;
  • Eye complications, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, discolouration of the whites of the eyes;
  • Increased risk of heart attack and/or stroke – subsequently, this can lead to brain damage;
  • Severe breathing difficulties, complications, which can lead to asthma, bronchitis, emphysema;
  • Early ageing and increased ageing;
  • Fertility problems;
  • Lowered immune system.

Why is abstaining from Smoking so difficult?

Ceasing smoking is a huge challenge because smoking is an addictive past time. Cigarettes contain nicotine which is what makes then addictive. It is a very fast substance to be released and reaches the brain just 8 seconds after it has been inhaled via a cigarette, cigar or pipe, or chewed when consumed in the form of nicotine gum or tobacco itself.


Nicotine is addictive because it impacts the area of the brain that releases pleasure chemicals that make a smoker feel good. When this feeling wears off, the smoker requires them again.


When nicotine enters the brain, the dopamine levels are raised. This is a neurotransmitter created for the purpose of ensuring that reward or pleasure feelings are felt.


As the smoker becomes more addicted to nicotine, the levels of nicotine required to relax at the same level need to be increased as immunity increases. When this increased level is not met, cravings begin and only the consume of nicotine will keep the cravings at bay. It is exceedingly rare that nicotine addiction can be beaten through the use of only willpower.


Instead, many people have turned to hypnotherapy for help with quitting smoking.

Smoking Hypnotherapy

There are specialist hypnotherapists that work purely on smoking cessation techniques which enable smokers to stop smoking. When the smoke-free goal is reached, the ex-smoker will:

  • Have more free time;
  • Notice how much spare money they have;
  • Will have more energy;
  • Will have more freedom:
  • Regain control over their life and body again.
Hypnotherapy is effective by getting to the root cause and reasoning as to why someone smokes and removes these psychological, emotional and mental triggers that make smoking appealing. Hypnotherapy is all about regaining control of your mind and body. Regaining control is key to quitting smoking for good.

How do Hypnotherapists help Smokers

As it is widely known and frequently publicised, tobacco contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. This not only makes the smoker think that they want to smoke but actually leads them to believe that they need to smoke.

Contrary to popular belief, smoking is not just a habit that smokers do when they are bored, for example, it is actually a physical reaction to a psychological cause.

When a smoker gets in touch with a hypnotherapist for help, it is the aim of the hypnotherapist to break down the addiction, address the main underlying reason as to why the smoker ever began to smoke, and help to change the mindset of the smoker so that they begin to naturally recognise that smoking is not a healthy choice.

In effect, hypnotherapists help a smoker recognise for themselves that it is time to quit smoking.
You might think that it would take a considerable amount of time for a hypnotherapist to be able to break a smoker’s habit, but the process of reprogramming can actually happen in just one hypnotherapy session.

There are other ways that people use to help them stop smoking, but hypnotherapy is a healthier way to do so because:

  • There are no drugs involved;
  • No harmful side effects occur through the use of hypnotherapy;
  • Your lungs become cleaner;
  • No chemicals are used;
  • The body is unable to become addicted to a replacement substance or different source of nicotine, like nicotine gum, patches, vape, etc.;
  • The chance of contracting an illness related to or caused by smoking is significantly reduced.

Smoking and Hypnotherapy

To stand any chance at succeeding on your smoke-free journey, you must want to do so. You must be fully cooperative with your therapist, in order to be transferred from an active to a passive state during therapy sessions and for hypnotherapy to be successful.

Hypnotherapy reprograms the brain to use new behavioural sets and will prevent smokers from restarting their once bad habit.
Getting help from Hypnotherapy Clinic Newcastle to stop smoking is a great and proven method for breaking the addiction to nicotine. It also helps to reduce the tolerance levels, often to the degree where a previous smoker cannot actually stand the smell within a very short amount of therapy sessions.

As with any addictive substance, breaking the dependency, reliance and need for smoking is the hardest element of quitting smoking. You will only succeed once you have come to terms with the fact that it is necessary and accepted that it is time to change.

The human body adapts quickly to change though so any withdrawal from lack of nicotine will not last for long and your willpower will see you through along with the techniques offered to you by your hypnotherapist.

Stopping smoking as early on as possible is the best decision you could ever make. You will never regret it and won’t be tempted to go back to it ever again if you use hypnotherapy to make your newest life change.

If you are a smoker ready to quit for good, contact us for your initial consultation today.

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