PTSD and Hypnosis


Hypnosis has been increasing in its popularity over the past few decades due to its positive interactions with the mental health of patients. It has been clearly proven that hypnosis and mental health can run hand in hand.

Many health professionals in the health care industry are now using hypnosis in order to help ease the symptoms of traumatic exposure which includes post-traumatic stress disorder, more commonly known as PTSD.

Very positive results have been highlighted by using hypnosis, and in some PTSD cases, symptoms have been eradicated entirely.

What is PTSD?

PTSD is a mental health condition which has been triggered as a result of experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. PTSD symptoms can include any one or multiple of the following:

  • Flashbacks
  • Nightmares
  • Severe anxiety
  • Going over the traumatic event repeatedly.

What is the difference between process of an event and having PTSD?

There are big differences between the average person

taking time to process a traumatic event in comparison with a person who is suffering from PTSD.
Whenever a scary, difficult or traumatic event has been experienced or witnessed, it can be difficult for anyone to process what has happened.


This does not necessarily mean that this person has PTSD – we all need processing time for our brains to make sense of what we have been exposed to.
PTSD is when the symptoms caused by traumatic exposure get worse or last for prolonged periods of time. It becomes very clear that PTSD is occurring when the person in question is no longer able to function as they previously would have been able to.


When PTSD is recognised, it is essential that help is found so that symptoms are reduced, anxiety is reduced, and life can regain its normality once more.

How can Hypnosis help PTSD?

Studies into the effects of hypnosis on people suffering from PTSD have shown that hypnosis is able to:

  • Decrease or eradicate the associations made once exposure has occurred;
  • Lessen anxiety levels;
  • Enable someone to connect with the feelings, emotions, and memories which they associate with the event in question.

What does Hypnosis do?

Through the use of a trance-like state, hypnosis is able to exacerbate the focus and concentration of the PTSD sufferer so that they are able to focus and concentrate on overcoming their PTSD and lessen the symptoms.

Is Hypnosis effective?

Studies have shown that there are many cases where hypnosis is an effective strategy for lessening or eradicating the symptoms of PTSD. However, it is very personal, and there are other approaches which may be more beneficial to an individual, such as psychodynamic psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy. The use of hypnotherapy can be just as effective and has been proven so in medical studies.

Will every benefit from Hypnosis?

Depending on how susceptible you are to hypnosis varies how much someone with PTSD would benefit from hypnotherapy.

Before making the decision as to whether hypnotherapy will help you or someone you know to decrease their PTSD symptoms, you must gather as much information as possible.
You must make sure that hypnosis is the best therapy for you before beginning your treatment.

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