How hypnotherapy can help with Trauma


Trauma is not something we can control. Trauma can stem from a variety of different events/news in our life. A shock in one’s own system can lead to trauma; it can put us into a state of emotional paralysis.

This will of course affect the

overall well-being of the person involved. This can affect someone mentally as well as physically, those facing trauma might fall behind on their daily routine; depending on severity, trauma will leave a rather distinct impression.

The triggers for trauma will vary depending on the individual and the event/news that has spawned said trauma. In some cases, the trauma can be so severe that it can be defined as PTSD, otherwise known as post-traumatic stress disorder.

PTSD is an anxiety disorder that is most notably felt from returning soldiers and survivors of certain attacks/events. As we’ve already stated, trauma and PTSD can affect anyone at any time.

Fight or flight instinct

It is key to understand that facing fear in a certain dangerous situation is normal. Our fight or flight instincts will always kick in should these scenarios arise.


In these moments we act without any thought, this is why the feeling of trauma can be arguably worse than the act itself. Many will replay these traumatic events over and over again in their own head, analyzing it piece by piece like an endless cycle.


These events can be incredibly haunting which makes trauma a very important issue. We fear for our own mortality every day, although we might not realise it at first, the act of trauma can bring this to the forefront of one’s own mind and imagination.


Some will find that trauma is only temporary, and that it will pass in due time. To others, trauma might remain within the backs of their minds for years, with everyday being a constant reminder to the events at play.


If trauma persists then it might be time for outside intervention. There are a variety of different ways one can deal with trauma — for the most positive results we would suggest hypnotherapy.

How Hypnotherapy can help you

Those struggling with traumatic experiences have found hypnotherapy to be incredibly useful in their own recovery period.

Hypnotherapy is an effective way to self-process one’s own troublesome recollections of certain events into feelings of nothingness. Trauma can cause a certain disconnect with reality, which is why it is important to gain a level of self-awareness to why these issues are troubling you.

The sooner one comes to terms with the origins of their trauma, the sooner they can begin their internal recovery process. At its core, hypnotherapy is a self-actualized process that only works when you delve into your own mind in order to seek the truth about your own feelings.

There is no artifice in one’s subconscious, which is why managing said subconscious is key in recovery. Hypnotherapy is a tried and tested method of returning to normality. Trauma is a very serious mental issue, and should be treated as such. If you are suffering with trauma: seek hypnotherapy.

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