Fear of Flying

Everyone has a fear of something, and when fears strike, no matter what they are in relation to, they can certainly be a real problem. One of the most commonly experienced fears is the fear of flying. The usual times for anxieties regarding flying to kick in are:
  • Pre-boarding;
  • During take-off;
  • When any juddering or shudders occur;
  • Through turbulent patches;
  • During bad weather;
  • Ahead of landing.
It can be a very stressful and emotional time for a sufferer, whether or not their fear is rational, and there are many symptoms, including:
  • Sweating;
  • Crying;
  • Shaking;
  • Asking lots of questions;
  • Being vocal;
  • Gripping on to something firmly;
  • Clenching teeth;
  • Paranoia;
  • Thorough panic;
  • Thoughts about death.

Why are so many people fearful of flying?

Many people have a heightened awareness about flying because it is so widely publicised. Even if the smallest plane crashes in the most remote part of the world, the media goes into overdrive with their scaremongering tactics, graphic details, and catastrophising.


This is hugely unhelpful to anyone who already has a fear of flying and can make others fearful, anxious and worried even if they would not claim to have had a fear at all.


The media cover more about small plane crashes than huge car crashes or other accidents for a reason though, as much as it is an unnecessary thing for them to do.

They increase the news coverage of aircraft-related events because they are so rare and actually this should be of some comfort to you. Rest assured that flying remains the safest method of transport that you can use.

What does a fear of flying actually mean?

When people refer to a fear of flying it is a much generalised, umbrella term that incorporates many different challenges for an individual.

Sometimes there is one overriding aspect of flying that causes the fear, other times there is an accumulation of things. Interestingly, when someone says that they have a “fear of flying” or words to that effect, it doesn’t necessarily always relate to the actual act of flying. It can refer to other, more specific concepts, such as:

  • The fear of heights;
  • A dislike for being out of, or losing control;
  • When someone feels “trapped” as they are in a container that they are unable to escape from;
  • Flashbacks to a previous negative flying experience;
  • The inability to understand the concept of how a plane is able to fly or stay in the air;
  • Feeling like a target – as if they are at risk.

What happens when the fear of flying kicks in?

When the fear of flying is underway and really takes hold, no matter what element of flying is the trigger to anxiety the adrenaline system is heightened and, with no pun intended, a fight or flight response occurs when adrenaline is released into the body.

This creates a feeling of unease. The environment surrounding the flyer cannot be altered, and panic begins.

The imagination does not aid feelings towards any fear. Instead, it multiplies them, creates worst-case scenarios, and spirals of despair take over. The flyer does not want to be in this situation, no one wants to be scared, but flying is a means to an end.

Hypnotherapy can help flying fears

Many people require help to get over their various fears and phobias, including the fear of flying. But it is frequently queried by sufferers as to the best way to go about obtaining the best help, finding the right professional, and being successful in the quest to find a “cure”.

When it comes to finding a reduction in or a solution to your fear of flying, hypnotherapy can be a fabulous technique to undergo.

How does Hypnotherapy help an anxious flyer?

Hypnotherapy can aid an anxious flyer to change their thought patterns and the emotional processes behind them.

When this occurs, the symptoms and irrational thoughts listed above can be managed and can often be completely eradicated. This will help a previously anxious flyer to book flights, board planes and travel to destinations that were once only a dream and make them a reality.

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