FAQs about Hypnosis

Every day, Hypnotherapy Clinic Newcastle receives lots of emails and phone calls from people interested in undertaking hypnotherapy sessions to treat a wide range of challenges. There are a few questions which are asked more than others though, so it may be helpful for you to see what the most frequently asked questions are to … Read more

PTSD and Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been increasing in its popularity over the past few decades due to its positive interactions with the mental health of patients. It has been clearly proven that hypnosis and mental health can run hand in hand. Many health professionals in the health care industry are now using hypnosis in order to help ease … Read more

Anger Management and Hypnotherapy

A commonly heard phrase, yes, but what is it that makes someone so angry or angry for a prolonged period of time? Why do some people explode over the most simple or smallest of things with seemingly little or even no explanation? Why is it that frustration and anger are always taken out on the … Read more