PTSD and Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been increasing in its popularity over the past few decades due to its positive interactions with the mental health of patients. It has been clearly proven that hypnosis and mental health can run hand in hand. Many health professionals in the health care industry are now using hypnosis in order to help ease … Read more

Anger Management and Hypnotherapy

A commonly heard phrase, yes, but what is it that makes someone so angry or angry for a prolonged period of time? Why do some people explode over the most simple or smallest of things with seemingly little or even no explanation? Why is it that frustration and anger are always taken out on the … Read more

Hypnotherapy and Fertility

It is increasing in popularity to use hypnosis to help fertility prospects and to make the birthing process easier. If you were looking for assistance in either of these areas, would you have thought about using the services of a hypnotherapist? What does “Hypnobirthing” mean? Across the UK, the generic term “hypnobirthing” is used to … Read more

Hypnotherapy for Smoking

Smoking. An addiction enjoyed by many as a stress release variant. A habit that is difficult to break. Though the number of smokers in the UK has decreased drastically since smoking was made illegal inside public places in 2007, for the people who haven’t yet quit, the task of doing so seems daunting. People smoke … Read more

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Everyone has an area of the body that they find problematic with the majority of the population, both male and female, wishing to change their body in one way or another if they could. This is natural and very common, especially with the amount of body shaming that occurs in the media which we are … Read more

Phobia and Fear Hypnotherapy

When seeking assistance for a fear or phobia, it is important that the difference is properly understood. This will enable a hypnotherapist to better assist you and to help you help yourself in a more accurate, appropriate and effective manner. The tools required to make a difference to a fear or a phobia are different, … Read more

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Hypnotherapy

Across the UK, 1 in 5 people are affected by IBS to various degrees over a lifetime. Medical professionals often prescribe a change in diet, offering advice that can assist in the reduction of IBS symptoms. There may also be specific medications that are able to reduce the debilitating symptoms, side effects and impact of … Read more