Avoid Anxiety

Phobia and Fear Hypnotherapy

When seeking assistance for a fear or phobia, it is important that the difference is properly understood. This will enable a hypnotherapist to better assist you and to help you help yourself in a more accurate, appropriate and effective manner. The tools required to make a difference to a fear or a phobia are different, … Read more

Fear of Flying

Everyone has a fear of something, and when fears strike, no matter what they are in relation to, they can certainly be a real problem. One of the most commonly experienced fears is the fear of flying. The usual times for anxieties regarding flying to kick in are: Pre-boarding; During take-off; When any juddering or … Read more


Life isn’t always straight forward, and it is rarely stress-free; a fact that can lead to high levels of anxiety. Anxiety is not linked to any one situation and can affect different people in a variety of different ways. What is Anxiety? When defining anxiety, no matter where you look or whom you ask, it … Read more