Phobia and Fear Hypnotherapy

When seeking assistance for a fear or phobia, it is important that the difference is properly understood. This will enable a hypnotherapist to better assist you and to help you help yourself in a more accurate, appropriate and effective manner. The tools required to make a difference to a fear or a phobia are different, … Read more

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Hypnotherapy

Across the UK, 1 in 5 people are affected by IBS to various degrees over a lifetime. Medical professionals often prescribe a change in diet, offering advice that can assist in the reduction of IBS symptoms. There may also be specific medications that are able to reduce the debilitating symptoms, side effects and impact of … Read more

Fear of Flying

Everyone has a fear of something, and when fears strike, no matter what they are in relation to, they can certainly be a real problem. One of the most commonly experienced fears is the fear of flying. The usual times for anxieties regarding flying to kick in are: Pre-boarding; During take-off; When any juddering or … Read more


Life isn’t always straight forward, and it is rarely stress-free; a fact that can lead to high levels of anxiety. Anxiety is not linked to any one situation and can affect different people in a variety of different ways. What is Anxiety? When defining anxiety, no matter where you look or whom you ask, it … Read more

Stress Management

The term “stress management” is a popular phrase that is spoke of on a very frequent basis, especially as the world is increasing in its pace and mobile devices mean that downtime never really occurs.  But what does stress management actually mean? Stress To determine what “stress management” actually means, it is imperative that the … Read more